“Yes, we need a script. So, who writes it?” An experienced video production company will normally take the reins before this question ever arises. However, this is not always the case: a company considering making a video often raises this question before reaching out. It is obviously something that can be done in house: After all, who knows the subject-matter better than the company’s own staff? Then begins the process of handing off the job to an internal product expert. And with their already busy schedule, they will get to it at their earliest opportunity. And the days turn to weeks, and the weeks turn to months. Most people have never written a script. But how hard is it? Most things are fairly difficult the first go-around. Writing a script is oftentimes the hardest part of video production.

If a video production is approached with the right attitude, the script is more than likely to be the toughest part of the entire process. After all, the script is really an invention. It’s a solution to a problem, whether it’s sharing a technical insight, conveying a solution that a particular product can only provide, or putting your brand head and shoulders above the rest.

It is the job of the video production company to guide the client – help them define their objectives. Find their comfort level. Even suggest ideas that perhaps may seem crazy at first but may be an actual solution to their message. Once the objective of the film is well understood, it is time to get the information to write the script. Be of service by coordinating with the company’s subject matter experts (SME). This can begin with a request for existing marketing and technical information, including white papers, technical bulletins and marketing resources. It depends on how much information the company has on hand. The scriptwriting process also includes a meeting with the SMEs. With enough time set aside, we’ll ask a lot of questions and work through obtaining good answers to begin writing the script.

Our cumulative experience always provides valuable insight into coming up with solutions. It’s our job to synthesize this information into writing the perfect road map that will lead to the best possible destination by way of the perfect film. That is always our goal. It should be the goal of all video production companies.

VISIONSOUND FILMS is an Orange County and Los Angeles video production company that provides complete marketing, training and corporate and commercial production services and video crews for filming interviews and b-roll.