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video marketing

Integrate Video & Paid Media to Drive Profitable Results.
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We know how to advertise with video: Once we create video content for your brand, we move into advertising and distribution to drive traffic and results. Because of our experience in video production, digital marketing, and Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, we know how to create attention-grabbing video ads that stand out from the rest and encourage sharing and traffic.

Facebook and Instagram stand out as the best platforms for video advertising.

Daily Optimization
We monitor your ads daily to optimize performance.

Weekly Reporting
You receive weekly results to report KPIs and ROI.

Strategy Development
We brainstorm and develop a meaningful content strategy.

And we continually update your content to hold the attention of your audience.

Our Process

Step One: Strategy
We begin by understanding and identifying your audience. Whether B2B or B2C, or Non-Profit, there’s a specific audience waiting to embrace your message. After we identify your audience, we create original content that communicates to their needs. Using Facebook’s consumer data, we create a targeted audience profile and develop an ad campaign designed to engage those specific Facebook users. We present this strategy to you, which includes ad copy, visuals, goals, metrics, and conversion tracking. We then determine the most effective content to realize this. We then move into content production.

Step Two: Content Production
Creating relevant and relatable content that doesn’t look like advertising is key. With Facebook and Instagram, the goal is to provide newsfeed content that offers value. The video needs to be shareable and interesting enough to create conversation.

Your audience dictates the content. The strategy is to produce videos that maximize watch time and entertainment value through relatable and emotive stories using drama, humor, facts, current events and more. The point is to create engaging ads that people want to share on their VISIONSOUND puts it all together, from strategy, scriptwriting, filming, editing and complete campaign launch.

Step Three: Campaign Launch
Strategizing is complete. The video is done. We already know the audience. Now the campaign is ready for launch.

There are three main types of ad campaigns: Awareness, Consideration and Purchase.

Awareness campaigns do just that: Create awareness among those who are more likely to pay attention to your ad. Even though these campaigns are designed for maximum exposure, they do have the option of including call-to-action buttons.

Consideration campaigns are for prospects already considering your type of product or service. These are designed to get people to visit your website, download your app, increase engagement, trigger more video views and generate leads.

Conversion campaigns convert prospects into paying customers, the most popular of all campaigns found on Facebook. There are three types: Conversion, product catalog sales and store visits.

Step Four: Daily Optimization
Your ads are monitored daily. This means making changes to the content, ad copy and more to maximize results. Daily tracking and optimization fine tunes your campaign for the best outcome.
Step Five: Weekly Reporting
Open communication with you gives all of a us a chance to discuss what strategies work and how we can continue to move in that direction. This includes learning about new developments in your business and how we can take advantage of new content ideas to further our strategic goals.